Hints From Yesterday


“Hints From Yesterday” Live at Oakland Art & Soul Festival, 2008.

Hints From Yesterday Lyrics
Once as a kid, next to a bridge
Me and some friends were throwing rocks
Aiming at cars and laughing hard
Until we saw one slow and stop
He opened his door, spoke through the roar
Of the passing cars he stood up for
He said, “It’s all fun and games, no rue or shame
Till someone swerves and hits the curb
And you are left with more
On your conscience than you bargained for”

That was then
We never threw at cars again
Just turned and hung our heads
We knew damn well before he said
That there were such high stakes
Some honesty is all it takes
And the mob breaks

Once as a kid, I went to live
Out on an island for a week
Cannot forget a girl I met
And the sensation when she’d speak
Laying, we’d play and read
What came to be my favorite book
While she read, the words she said
Washed over me so blissfully
And how I held my breath when she held my arm so gently

That was then
I never saw the girl again
A hint from yesterday
Don’t let a good thing slip away
I’ll learn from my mistakes
A broken heart is all it takes
Learning’s easy when your chest aches

This song is a retelling of two simple stories from my childhood, both of which taught me valuable life lessons. The first half of the song tells of how my friends and I threw rocks at cars; we knew deep down that it was wrong, but it took the voice of reason from a stranger to break our mob mentality. The second half tells of a youthful admiration for a girl and a spark that never became a flame; the simple moral being “don’t let a good thing slip away.”