Counting Cracks


“Counting Cracks” Tour Collage Music Video.
Filmed by Dear Indugu. Edited by Anna Yamamoto.

Counting Cracks Lyrics
I’m walking down to the ocean
Counting waves out in the open

Just look at the nice young lovers
Arms linked like chains to each other’s
Same home, same room, same covers,
Same life, one slips each suffers

Oh look at the caring mother
Kids play, like a hawk she hovers
Now she’s calling, “Time for supper”
They spring up, string-puppets of hers

But I’m stepping down to the sidewalk
Counting cracks, no desire to talk

I’m lying down beneath a blue sky
Counting clouds, remembering I and I

Viewing love and attachment as dependence and entrapment, you learn to find the peace of mind in being alone. I had just moved out of my family’s house away to college, and was grieving a long and painful romantic relationship. I needed some time alone.