To wish it all away, to speak of life as torment
Is a giant claim for anyone
But a thought that reoccurs, an action that lays dormant
Has found the minds of everyone
Air escapes a lung, it rises to the surface
As you sink to the floor
A breath just like the last, a sigh that longs for purpose,
A need for something more

Think in dry routine, walk lines of repetition
That stretch longer everyday
These circles are a blur of general disinterest
Because what matters anyway?
Faces all around begin to look like strangers
Begging to be heard
They speak in foreign tongues that form syllables of nonsense
And you can’t hear a word

And you’re the gray inside this bright collage,
The actor force-fed dialogue
The Earth will spin but your world won’t turn into something else
You’re thinking to yourself…

“Take me to the place where we all lay still
I’ve had some great times, now I’ve had my fill
Lovers and friends, I’ve had plenty
But the weight in me is getting too heavy
I want to return to the yearning earth,
Sleep in peace, pray for no rebirth
Reincarnation doesn’t exist,
An idea for those who can’t call it quits
These circles are dull and they are a blur
I’ve traced them so long that it starts to hurt
They’re closing in tight just like a noose
I’m reaching for a knife to cut myself loose
I want to return to the yearning earth,
Sleep in peace, pray for no rebirth”

Everyone has, at some point, felt stuck in the monotony of their life’s routine. Sometimes this daily repetition can feel like an endless circle. This song is inspired by this feeling in my past. However, I wrote it in second person because I believe the experience is not exclusive to myself, but is a universal one.