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We added this page to make our interviews that were floating around all easy to find in one spot. You can see we’ve also included the archive of our newsletter, and our demo recordings for free download. We’ll continue to put random things like that here. Enjoy!

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Interview with Diabla Productions. February 28th, 2013.


Our singer Jesse Strickman joined the Shutup Songwriters podcast on May 5th 2013 to discuss growing up in a hippie commune in Oakland, his early punk influences, and the transition from being a supporting member of a number of local musical projects before fronting his own with Dear Indugu.


(Scroll to 50min for Jesse Strickman’s interview and acoustic performance.)
Here’s a fun podcast episode that was recorded when our singer/songwriter Jesse Strickman went on KUSF Radio February 21st 2013. He played acoustic songs and was interviewed live on the show “We Move Against the Tides”. Host Victor Valle and Jesse spoke about pop punk, Jesse’s earlier music projects, and the San Francisco music scene.


Our singer Jesse Strickman was interviewed on “Gypsy Poet Radio” on October 13th, 2013. Hosts Girl George and the Gypsy Poet ask him about his musical upbringing, influences, and more.

Interview with singer/songwriter Jesse Strickman, as well as song play, on Radio Valencia, San Francisco. Aired live on March 28th 2013: Listen!






Yeah Live! with Courtney Strysko featuring Dear Indugu from Courtney Strysko. Yeah Live! is a weekly TV show starring Courtney Styrsko interviewing indie bands from all over the world performing live onstage at BCM Television studios in Berkeley, California. Yeah Live! airs on Comcast Berkeley channel 28 and all over Northern California on AT&T Uverse Channel 99. For more information go to


Interview and performance with singer/songwriter Jesse Strickman and percussionist Chris Nishimoto on KPFA Berkeley 94.1FM on February 22nd, 2012: