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Dear Indugu was an acoustic/electric Indie Folk Rock band from Oakland, California from 2005 – 2014 noted for potent lyrics and powerful instrumentation. What began as the solo project of singer-songwriter Jesse Strickman, grew into a permanent four-piece, with occasional guest musicians. The name Dear Indugu was inspired by the film ‘About Schmidt’ and is a metaphor for the universal self-healing power of expression.

The group performed regularly in the San Francisco Bay Area and toured California, Oregon, Utah, Nevada, Idaho and Washington, playing everywhere from coffee shops to outdoor amphitheaters. They opened for national and world acts, such as Damien Jurado, Cake, Jay Brannan, Night Riots, I the Mighty and more. After touring with demos for years, they released a limited edition debut EP in June of 2012 and the remastered version in March of 2013, accompanied by music videos and more touring.

Dear Indugu’s music ranges from intimate folk solo songs to driving full band Indie Rock. With thoughtful lyrics, strong dynamics, and a firm commitment to originality and musicianship, the Bay Area based band left a lasting impression.

Jesse Strickman – singer/songwriter, acoustic guitar, harmonica
Van Jackson-Weaver – electric guitar, harmonies
Chris Nishimoto – percussion, harmonies
Matt Cascardi – bass

Past members:
Joshua Owings – electric guitar, harmonies
Sean McGoey – drums
Jon Mendle – bass
Alex Hernandez – drums

Guest musicians:
Leiya Mahoney – vocal harmony
Dustin Smurthwaite – trombone
Anthony Ant – trumpet
Graham Patzner – violin
Dmitri Alvarado – bass
Andy Falkner – bass

The Oakland-based quartet takes many of the building blocks of folk and turns it on its head.
-Nanobot Rock Reviews (Full article)

For all its pathos, most of [Jesse Strickman's] music is swaddled in warm melodies and jaunty rhythms, which serve as a kind of hygienic varnish…a songwriter who insists that every tune be its own self-contained narrative — and, moreover, that the lyrics convey the emotion from which they spawned.
-East Bay Express (Full article)

Inside every human is a natural compulsion to the honest and the real. Oakland-based folk-rock band Dear Indugu embodies these primal desires in their lyrics and sound.
-Alameda Sun (Full article)

They can rock out at the appropriate times with enough edge that I go looking for it in other music and always come back disappointed because I can’t find it anywhere else.
-Relate Mag (Full article)

While music seems to be going ever more electronic, Dear Indugu seem to be getting more and more organic. They bring a raw emotion to the stage that makes you remember just why you started liking music back in the day. Jesse Strickman (lead singer) has no filter on his emotions and pours his heart out in every thought out lyric.
-Awaken Cafe, downtown Oakland music venue

…collaboration of talented musicians, each of whom display an immense amount of dedication and passion…
-KPOET Radio

The foursome fit together seamlessly with harmonious consistency in every song and hints of a hard rock and blues influence. Lead singer, Jesse Strickman, has a sweet air about him that mirrors the organic, honest lyrics within each song.
-The Examiner (Full article)

Heart-felt songs and personal experiences amplified, with loads of instrumental breaks and well-laid song lyrics.
-Monterey County Weekly

The lyrics are really personal, which is good. You don’t get that enough these days. Everything’s flash and complaining about stuff, rather than talking about what really matters in life.
-Larry Kelp, Host of “Sing Out” KPFA 94.1FM Berkeley


Dear Indugu has had live performances, interviews, and/or song play on:

KPFA 94.1fm Berkeley

Radio Valencia, San Francisco

KUSF University of San Francisco

KSFS San Francisco State University

KPoet Radio – Whittier College, CA

KRBX 89.9fm Radio Boise, ID

WorldOne Radio KECG 88.1fm El Cerrito &  97.7fm San Pablo

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